Sunday Edition for May 30, 2021 – Sunday Edition Returns to Couples

Episode Notes

We have had so much fun getting to know ACB Couples in the past I decided to revive the segment with a returning couple and one new to Sunday Edition.

Judy and Steve are well regarded in our community and I am so pleased to speak with them this week. BONUS for us all is that they have agreed to spend some of their “California Style Anniversary” with us and I am sure Judy will have a story about that to share.

Steven Mendelsohn currently chairs the advocacy committee for the California Council Of The Blind. For decades he has written policy documents on disability issues and has also written several books including tax options and strategies for people with disabilities and is initial book financing adaptive technology.

Judy Wilkinson has spent many years actively in the California Council Of The Blind having served most recently for years as its president. Now she serves on several including project manager for the On The Move campaign fundraising partnership between CCB and On The Move. She also serves as liaison to several legal matters and looks forward to chairing the fundraising committee for the recently developed IDC affiliate in California.

I also invited dynamic duo: Ron and Lisa Brooks back to catch up. Beside being the reigning King and Queen of Karaoke they have a lot to share with us. From their tireless commitment to advocacy, Ron’s always sage advice and commentary on the ACB Lists to their new adventure it’s the perfect time to check in with these folks.
Ron and Lisa Brooks are residents of Phoenix, long-time members of ACB and the Arizona affiliate, married for almost 25 years and parents of three teenagers. And about a year back, they launched a new business called Accessible Avenue. Ron shares that, “we formed Accessible Avenue to provide accessibility and inclusion related training, consulting and audio transcription services to cities, transit agencies and transportation providers so that people with disabilities, older adults and other transportation disadvantaged people can move about more freely. Prior to launching Accessible Avenue, Ron spent almost 28 years designing, delivering and managing accessible public transit and paratransit services for both public transit agencies and private companies. He defines his life’s mission as “transforming mobility for everyone,” and he is committed to mobility which is accessible, flexible and on-demand. Lisa is a lifelong learner, who loves words and the ideas and information that words can convey. In addition to her role with Accessible Avenue, Lisa is an audio transcriber who transforms spoken words into written ones that can be archived and repurposed for everything from blogposts to articles and books. She has been an assistive technology trainer, a professional researcher and a phone-based Customer Service Representative. “My mom was deaf,” shares Lisa, “and I can still remember the day we got closed captions for our TV. It transformed her life, and it showed me that I can create clarity for people who want access to the written word—whether in print or braille”!” You can learn more about Ron and Lisa’s new business at

Sunday Edition welcomes your comments, suggestions and of course if you have a question and can’t join us live please email me at [email protected]

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