Sunday Edition for October 3, 2021 – Get Up, Get Moving

Episode Notes Anthony Welcomes the fine folks who are Helming the Get Up Get Moving campaign. From durable medical equipment to accessible exercise equipment, from social networking to improved health for our community this 3 year campaign will not only transform the organizational reach and advocacy but empower us all to get healthy, get motivated … Read more

Sunday Edition for September 19, 2021 – Carcerem: An Immersive Audio Experience with Shane Salk

Episode Notes Anthony returns this week with a super show and an exciting opportunity for our membership to experience an Audio Immersive experience. After some turmoil personally I am thrilled to return with Shane Salk and his incredible series Carcerem. Join us Sunday At 1pm EDT on ACB Media One for this fascinating conversation. After … Read more

Sunday Edition for August 15, 2021 – It’s All About The Vote!

Episode Notes The Voting Task Force and Constitution and By-Law Committee will be on Sunday Edition on 8/15/2021 from 1:00-3:00 PM EDT to preview the Special Membership meeting to be held at 4:00 PM EDT on 8/15/2021. Members of the Constitution and By-Law Committee and Voting Task Force will take questions on the proposed constitutional amendments so members understand … Read more

Sunday Edition for July 4, 2021 – ACB Media Network

Episode Notes This week we talk to Debbie, Rick and Jeff about the changes and surprises of the new ACB Media Network. For years ACB Radio has represented and highlighted our community and now we have crossed the threshold into a thriving network. From the internal calendar to the easy way to access podcasts our … Read more