Sunday Edition for August 14, 2022 – David Goldfield & Cecily Nipper

Episode Notes In the first hour, Anthony welcomes David Goldfield, assistive technology enthusiast and accessibility champion. David will share his fascinating story. In the second hour, Cecily Nipper talks about her journey being elected as the youngest president in Georgia and shares her impressions of the national convention.

Sunday Edition for August 08, 2022 – New ACB Board Members

Episode Notes Anthony welcomes Rachel Schroder, Gabriel Lopez Kafati, and Terry Pacheco to let you get to know them and answer your questions on their leadership goals and experience. Rachel, the Immediate past president of the IllinoisCouncil of the Blind, is dynamic and brings fresh ideas to the table. Gabriel Lopez Kafati serves as current … Read more

Sunday Edition For July 17, 2022 – annual post convention wrap up.

# Join Anthony for the annual post convention wrap up. Learn who Ryan Cordell, audio-visual master extraordinaire is and how he assisted the ACB Media team. You can also provide your feedback about the hybrid convention. What sessions really stood out? How was the virtual versus the in-person experience? Were resolutions too much for one … Read more

Sunday Edition for May 15. 2022 – 2nd Anniversary Party

Episode Notes Join Anthony to celebrate two years of Sunday Edition, for which he is grateful beyond words. Sunday Edition belongs to everyone. Anthony will walk down memory lane and have special guests to share songs. Please share what Sunday Edition has meant to you; taught you; or why you listen.

Sunday Edition for April 10, 2022 – Messages for Ukraine and Checking in with Pandemic Mental Health

Episode Notes This week we will be collecting and collating Messages for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. Sunday Edition is partnering with Amnesty International to send these messages of hope that will be integrated into their world-wide campaign. Beginning in May we will coordinate donations that will also be sent when the re-building process … Read more

Sunday Edition for April 03, 2022 – Hot Topics

Episode Notes There is a lot going on in the world, and in our own organization and this Sunday we will open the proverbial lines and discuss the “Hot Topics”. Legislative week, Get up and Get moving, Convention and so much more have our tongues wagging. What did the board decide about hybrid? Is it … Read more

Sunday Edition for March 27, 2022 – ACB Awards with Kenneth Semien, Sr. and Audio Description with Joel Snyder

Episode Notes Kenneth Semien, Sr., Chair of the DKM Fund Committee and First Timer in 2010, joins JP Morgan Chase Leadership fellow 2021, Anthony Corona, to talk about the committee awards and his journey from first timer to ACB Board member. Becky Dunkerson and Greg Lindberg, both award recipients, and Melanie Alt Sinohui, from ACB … Read more