Sunday Edition for December 18, 2022 – America’s Test Kitchen Kids Low Vision Character and UnMute Presents

Episode Notes This week Anthony Welcomes Nefertiti Matos Olivares¬†and Chad Chennil the creative vision and voice behind Meggy Eggie of the wildly popular ATK Mystery Recipe podcast. We talk representation, diversity and what it took to bring a bi-lingual Low Vision character to life. The show blends entertainment with learning and not just how to … Read more

Sunday Edition for December 4, 2022 – Excavating Mastodon

Episode Notes Will the Bird, (aka Twitter), lose its nest? Are you curious about the new Social Media alternative roaring into popularity? We will discuss this new option; its strengths and weaknesses; what is an impression and server; tips and tricks on setting up and using Mastodon; predictions we have for the turmoil going on … Read more

Sunday Edition for November 27, 2022 – Giving Thanks

Episode Notes Give thanks, and celebrate the magic of the Holiday Season. We had a very successful show with fundraisers and event announcements that listeners clamored for more. Join us to hear and share what holiday surprises await us this season. Cheryl Cumings and Donna Brown join us to catch us up with where our … Read more

Sunday Edition for November 06, 2022 – Coaching, Tapping, and Resolutions, Oh My!

Episode Notes Important announcements from Ardis Bazyn, Member at the MIC and Debbie Grubb in association with BPI This week Sunday Edition welcomes Gabriel and Teresa in our first hour to talk about Life Coaching models and methods as well as tapping, and other holistic endeavors. Relationships, intimacy and prepping for Job Seeking or starting … Read more

Sunday Edition for October 31, 2022 – Spooky Kooky Halloween!

Episode Notes Anthony is taking a well deserved break this week and in his place we have Andrea DeKlotz and Byron Lee guest hosting Sunday Edition. In the first hour we hear from Ardis Bazyn, president of Independent Visually Impaired Entrepreneurs (IVIE) about their Virtual Expo. We then discuss our favorite Halloween memories. We also … Read more

The Sunday Edition for October 23, 2022 – The Sheila Show

Episode Notes Anthony will be traveling this week. Hostess with the mostess, Sheila Young, will helm the Sunday brunch! Karen Blachoowiz brings her perspective and her friends, Randall and Scott Eggen current president of RSVA to talk about being a vendor and the RSVA affiliate. Margie Donovan, Becky Davidson, and Ron Brooks will lead a … Read more

Sunday Edition for October 16, 2022 – Employment

Episode Notes Employment is always a hot topic for our community. We have gathered a few experts to discuss how to raise awareness of the Blind and Low Vision work force, and the caliber and quality we offer to employers. We will talk about how to reference tech during interviews and conversations; benefits employers receive … Read more