S1E51 – Tuesday Topics June 1, 2021 Affiliate and Special Interest Voting. Paul Edwards.mp3

For the first hour we are going to talk about some of the controversy that has appeared on the “acb conversation” email list. Essentially there has been a lot of discussion of whether we need two different votes. This year we will have them but many wonder whether affiliate votes might go away. Are there special issues for special interest affiliates? Have they historically been effective at election time or not?

During the second hour or so we will see if we still have issues with voting and special interest affiliates. If the topic is exhausted, I would like to explore some of the options that Tuesday Topics has for the future. What would folks like us to talk about! What do people like and what do you not like? This may seem boring but I hope people will think seriously about how best Tuesday Topics can meet your needs and interests.

Find out more at https://acb-tuesday-topics.pinecast.co

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