20210717 – IAC 411: Rehabilitation and remote services

~~411 from the IAC – Part 2: Rehabilitation, providing remote services: Attendees heard from two rehabilitation professionals about what providing rehabilitation services virtually has been like. ♠ Megan Conway from the Helen Keller National Center  ♠David Kingsbury from the Carroll Center for the Blind Discussed providing rehabilitation services virtually, what accessibility challenges they faced and … Read more

20210721 – CCLVI: What friends are for

~~That’s What Friends are For: Are you having a problem handling low vision? What’s been your journey with low vision? We discussed the journey of low vision, and shared experiences, offered encouragement and strategies. Come join our low vision community as we support one another. Sponsored by CCLVI Recorded during the 2021 ACB National Convention … Read more

20210720 – Schools for the blind: From segregation to integration

~~ACBF/MCAC Schools for the Blind – From Segregation to Integration: The U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously in 1954 that segregation in public schools was unconstitutional.  How did that landmark case affect schools for the blind across the country? What had gone before, and what came afterward, in the integration of the schools? Micheal Hudson, Director … Read more

20210720 – Pedestrian control over drivers yielding

~~Pedestrian Control Over Drivers’ Yielding: All pedestrians are reliant on drivers to yield when they share spaces like crosswalks with vehicles. Many variables affect drivers’ behaviors. This presentation reviewed factors that affect the behaviors, emphasizing the principles and techniques pedestrian can use to increase the likelihood of drivers yielding. Presenters: ♣ Rev. Dr. Gene Bourquin, … Read more

20210719 – Out and About with canines

~~Out and About with Canines and Canes: A panel of cane and guide dog users, with some vision to none, discussed pedestrian adventures, tips and tricks for fun and safe travel. Hear how getting lost can be a confidence-boosting adventure and how to leverage blind street smarts to create a more pedestrian friendly environment for … Read more

20210718 – Vison Zero: setting a new safety standard on our streets

~~How a Vision Zero campaign can set a new standard for safety on our streets: To Mobility and Beyond presented Leah Shahum, Founder and Director of the Vision Zero Network as the keynote speaker. She brings two decades of proven success championing movements to advance safe, healthy, active transportation and serves on the Steering Group … Read more

20210717 – The federal communications commission and how you can make a difference

~~Federal Communications Commission and How You Can Be A Change Agent: Co-Presenters: ☺ Suzy Rosen Singleton, Chief, Disability Rights Office, Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau, ☺ Michael Scurato, Assistant Chief of the Policy Division, Media Bureau, Federal Communications Commission provided overviews and updates regarding audio description, user interface rules, telephone equipment and services accessibility, and … Read more

20210717 – Saturday School: Advocating for the best learning environment in a hybrid situation

~~Saturday School: “Advocating for the Best Learning Options in a Hybrid Environment”: In this workshop, we explored how parents and college students can work with schools to get the best learning options whether instruction takes place in person, online, or using a combination of both methods. Presenters: ♦ Tabitha Brecke, Accommodations Specialist and Adult Education … Read more