20210717 – RSVA: The importance of the RS19

~~RSVA® “The importance of the RS15”: Kathy Roet, Director of the Business Enterprise Program, Iowa Department of the Blind, Des Moines, IA will led this deepening discussion following the initial presentation at the 2021 Sagebrush conference. She shared how to use the RSA form to show the details of each state’s current program. Recorded during … Read more

20210717 – Do you hear what I hear?

~~BITS/SASI: Do You Hear What I Hear: Are you getting the most from your hearing devices? Have you ever wondered if any hearing aids will work with other technology such as your iPhone?  Attendees enjoyed an informative presentation during which two audiologists and a Hearing Care Professional served as panelists as they addressed the issues … Read more

20210716 – Barking up the Aisle

GDB alumni and anyone was interested in Guide Dogs for the Blind and guide-dog access: Attendees joined GDB for an update on the DOT Air Carriers Access Act Service, animal Ruling with national experts. including: ◘ Mr. Ray Prentice (Alaska Airline Accessibility Director) ◘ Mr. Eric Lipp (CEO of Opendoors Organization)  What is the ‘Ruling’ … Read more

20210722 – Helen Keller and the Lions

~~Helen Keller and the Lions: In 1925 Helen Keller challenged the Lions to be“knights of the blind.”  Micheal Hudson, Director of the American Printing House for the Blind Museum in Louisville, KY, took us back nearly 100 years and helped us discover how it all happened. An amazing piece of Helen Keller history. Questions were … Read more

20210721 – Help drive the future of driving

[GDUI: Help Drive the Future of Driving: In this interactive session, Dr. Giudice described some of his current research on making autonomous vehicles (AVs) accessible for use by blind and visually impaired passengers, discussed the many benefits and huge potential of this newest form of transportation, and highlighted some of the challenges that need to … Read more

20210721 – Lessons in Leadership

~~ACBL Lessons in Leadership: Speaker – Dr. Patti Hill, Third Vice President of Lions Clubs International. Since joining the Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) Host Lions Club in 1990, Dr. Hill has served in many capacities, including multinational coordinator for Campaign SightFirst II, Secretary for the Alberta Lions Eyebank Society, Vice President of the Lions Eye Research … Read more

20210720 – What’s new at the corner

~~What Is New at the Corner: Attendees learned about the latest Hybrid Pedestrian Beacon, Rectangular Rapidly Flashing Beacon and other new pedestrian signals specified in the Federal Highway Administration Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, how they work and whether they are accessible. Presenters: ♥ Lukas Franck, Sr., Guide Dog Mobility Instructor and COMS from … Read more