20220703 3D Audio Excursion

20220703 3D Audio Excursion Originally Aired July 3, 2022, on ACB Media           Back by popular demand, come with Chris Snyder as he takes you on another 3D audio excursion to places real and fantastic. Put on your headphones, sit back and journey with us as we go from the ordinary to the unbelievable. … Read more

20210721 – Dragging the boys of audio description behind the curtain

~~BPI Audio Description: Dragging the Boys of Audio Description Behind the Curtain: Attendees joined BPI Board Member Chris Snyder as he welcomed Roy Samuelson, audio description narrator, Los Angeles, CA, JJ Hunt and Byron Lee as they share behind the scenes stories and walked us through the art of creating audio description. Recorded during the … Read more

20210717 – Audio description in museums

~~ADP Audio Description in Museums: This panel of leading museum access professionals’ profiled various ways audio description is used in museum settings, and how each museum has coped with providing description services during a pandemic. Moderator: Joel Snyder, PhD, Founder and Senior Consultant, ACB Audio Description Project, Takoma Park, MD  Panelists •: Beth Ziebarth, Director, … Read more

20210718 – Audio Description Project (ADP) website update

~~Audio Description Project Website Overview and Update (acb.org/adp): The number of audio-described videos available has increased dramatically in the past year to the 6,000-plus range. The ADP website is the place to find pointers to them all. The presentation covered how you can best use the website to find what interests you and how to … Read more

20210719 – An evening with ACB: Audio description and streaming services

~~An Evening with ACB: Audio Description and Streaming Services: This industry panel featured representatives from major streaming services to discuss their product’s, programming, services, and offerings. Moderator: Carl Richardson, Co-Chair, ACB Audio Description Project, Brighton, MA Panelists: ♣ Melanie Goodman, Lead Digital Supply Chain Specialist, HULU, Agoura Hills, CA ♣ Martha Heller, Vice President, Government … Read more