20210722 – Describing race, skin color, ethnicity, gender and disability within todays audio description

~~Diversity: Describing Race, Skin Color, Ethnicity, Gender, and Disability within Contemporary Audio Description: Attendees heard a direct and thoughtful discussion by a panel of audio description experts on the importance of diversity within the field, how to describe in today’s diverse world, and reflected on what consumers want to hear in their descriptions. Moderator: Kim … Read more

20210721 – Audio description in the out of doors

~~Audio Description in the Outdoors: National Park Service, the UniDescription Project, and the UniD App: This session featured the National Park Service’s work to bring audio description and increased access into park settings and highlighted the NPS’s collaboration with the University of Hawaii’s UniDescription Project to use its UniD app in U.S. and Canadian parks. … Read more

20210720 – Podcasts featuring audio description

~~Podcasts Related to Audio Description: Attendees met the hosts of five podcasts featuring audio description, and learn how each got started, what they cover, and their plans for the future.  Moderator: Kim Charlson, Co-Chair, Audio Description Project, Watertown, MA Podcasts include: Picture This: A Podcast on All Aspects of Audio Description Co-Hosts: Brian Charlson, Watertown, … Read more

20210719 – Audio description in the performing arts

~~Audio Description in the Performing Arts: This panel of leading theater access professionals highlighted various ways audio description has been provided in performing arts venues, and how each has evolved to provide virtual description services during a pandemic. Moderator: Joel Snyder, PhD, Founder and Senior Consultant, ACB Audio Description Project, Takoma Park, MD Panelists: ♦ … Read more

20210719 – Audio description at Amazon

~~Audio Description at Amazon: Over the last few years, Amazon has made great strides in expanding the availability of audio description, now offering more titles with AD than any other streaming service. This session from  Amazon experts from Device Accessibility and Prime Video discussed how they have scaled up audio-description production, and the many advantages … Read more

20210719 – An evening with ACB: Audio description and streaming services

~~An Evening with ACB: Audio Description and Streaming Services: This industry panel featured representatives from major streaming services to discuss their product’s, programming, services, and offerings. Moderator: Carl Richardson, Co-Chair, ACB Audio Description Project, Brighton, MA Panelists: ♣ Melanie Goodman, Lead Digital Supply Chain Specialist, HULU, Agoura Hills, CA ♣ Martha Heller, Vice President, Government … Read more

20210718 – Audio Description Project (ADP) website update

~~Audio Description Project Website Overview and Update (acb.org/adp): The number of audio-described videos available has increased dramatically in the past year to the 6,000-plus range. The ADP website is the place to find pointers to them all. The presentation covered how you can best use the website to find what interests you and how to … Read more

20210717 – Audio description in museums

~~ADP Audio Description in Museums: This panel of leading museum access professionals’ profiled various ways audio description is used in museum settings, and how each museum has coped with providing description services during a pandemic. Moderator: Joel Snyder, PhD, Founder and Senior Consultant, ACB Audio Description Project, Takoma Park, MD  Panelists •: Beth Ziebarth, Director, … Read more