Sunday Edition for December 26, 2021 – ACB Community-a-Thon

Episode Notes

Merry Christmas!!! I’m Malissa Hudson, I’ll be filling in for Anthony Corona on Sunday Edition as he’s enjoying a nice vacation in Honduras. We’re all glad he made it there safely! We’re going to be celebrating our ACB Community and the work they’ve done this past year. In the first hour the lovely and talented Cindy Hollis will be speaking about the upcoming Community-a-Thon on New Year’s Eve from 3 PM to 3 AM EST! This is also a fundraiser for the community. In the second hour, I’ll be featuring many of our community hosts to talk about what is a host in Zoom language, and what the role of a host is in our community. My guests will be Sheila Young, Belinda Collins, Lucy Edmunds, and Natalie Couch. These four dynamic women are not only my friends, but also colleagues. I want to thank Anthony for asking me to fill in for him, and to my host and producer, Byron Lee! Let’s celebrate!!! 🙌

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