Ep 42 Writing Works Wonders- Linda Scribner – Author Interview

Show Notes Episode 42- Linda Garshwiler Scribner

Co-hosts: Cheryl McNeil Fisher and Kathy King

Meet the author of the popular NLS Talking Book/BARD “I Can’t See With My Gloves On!” in this episode! While we learn about life with low vision and blindness, we will discover how and why Linda Garshwiler Scribner’s humorous short, moving essays about her journey are a favorite among our community! She’s just as fun in person as in print, all the while sharing insights about helping people cooe with vision loss.

Inspiration- Laughter – Supporr await you in episode 42. Added bonus in our writing oromot responses, how do authors encourage one another? Listen in!

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What happens after the recording stops and we go off the air? Here is a glimpse into Writing Works Wonders’ Backstage! One of the benefits of being at the live recording is the after party! Enjoy some additional hilarity from our author Linda Scribner in this WWW Backstage segment.

No vision is required for this show AND it’s warm inside.
So, take off your gloves, and get ready to chuckle!!!

Resources for this Episode

Linda’s book is available through

  • NLS Talking Books / BARD, DBC17786
  • Libraries in Indiana and Nortg Carolina
  • Directly through Linda (email [email protected] for details)

About Linda G Scribner

Linda has woven insight and humor into the journey of sight loss. Her book, “I can’t see with my gloves on” is listed as a most popular book on many NLS regional library websites.

From Indiana, Linda earned her bachelor’s in secondary education, and went on to work as a rehabilitation specialist at the League for the Blind and Disabled in Fort Wayne, IN supporting people as the adjust to living with vision loss.

She enjoys cooking, reading, walking, swimming, exercising, singing, board and card games, and traveling.

She has been married to Tom Scribner since 1976 and they have two sons and six grandchildren.

With her book, she has brought much joy, laughter, and encouragement to our community as well as a gently introduced a better understanding of living and coping without sight to the rest of the world.

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