Sunday Edition for October 3, 2021 – Get Up, Get Moving

Episode Notes

Anthony Welcomes the fine folks who are Helming the Get Up Get Moving campaign. From durable medical equipment to accessible exercise equipment, from social networking to improved health for our community this 3 year campaign will not only transform the organizational reach and advocacy but empower us all to get healthy, get motivated and of course…. UP and Moving!

Dan Dillon, Chair, Partnership sub-committee

Koni Sims

Leslie Spoone, Co-chair, Publicity sub-committee

Sheila Styron, Chair, Advocacy sub-committee

Terry Suarez, Co-chair Publicity sub-committee

Tom Tobin, Campaign chair

Look for the get up, get moving… Coast-to-coast dance party… October 15!

And join Sunday edition on October 17 as some of these fine folks come back for a wrap-up party and they let us know what’s coming up next forget up, get moving.

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