Sunday Edition for September 19, 2021 – Carcerem: An Immersive Audio Experience with Shane Salk

Episode Notes

Anthony returns this week with a super show and an exciting opportunity for our membership to experience an Audio Immersive experience. After some turmoil personally I am thrilled to return with Shane Salk and his incredible series Carcerem.

Join us Sunday At 1pm EDT on ACB Media One for this fascinating conversation. After the show Shane will run the first episode of this critically acclaimed audio immersive drama and stick around to answer all of your questions.

Shane will walk us through the process and behind the scenes magic it takes to produce such high quality programming as well as share with us some of the celebrity guests and supporters. Anthony is actively talking with Shane to produce a immersive series focusing on the trials and tribulations we experience as blind and low vision folks and we envision a future production that would be about us, produced and voiced by us and give voice to our stories.

Carcerem is a completely original audio drama series featuring a full cast, original music, and immersive sound design. A mix between Lord of the rings and Princess Bride, its more like a movie than an audio play, this captivating fantasy series puts you in the middle of the action. Featuring sword fights, monster attacks, giant battles, heart-break and humor, Carcerem is the next step in the evolution of audio entertainment.

“In Aaru, a land torn apart by a fear of magic, and ruled by brutal mercenaries, two young friends leave the only home they’ve ever known to find the one who could save them all.”

Shane Salk is an Owner/Partner in Shane Salk Productions and is an Award-winning Audio Drama Creator Producer and Sound Designer. Shane’s projects now have over 200 Million impressions spanning more than 150 countries around the world. Having grown up listening to old-time audio, Shane has a unique perspective on updating the medium and learning from the past. As his inaugural production, he is a creator of the show “We’re Alive – A Zombie Story of Survival,” which was launched in 2009.

Having graduated from Chapman University with a BFA, acting has always been Shane’s first love, something he was able to incorporate into his productions. Salk has appeared on stage, screen and voiceover/audio roles including “American Dad,” as well as major Videos Games. He also originated the role of Genie in Disney Cruise Line’s production of Aladdin.


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