20210717 – IAC 411: Rehabilitation and remote services

~~411 from the IAC – Part 2: Rehabilitation, providing remote services:
Attendees heard from two rehabilitation professionals about what providing rehabilitation services virtually has been like.
♠ Megan Conway from the Helen Keller National Center 
♠David Kingsbury from the Carroll Center for the Blind
Discussed providing rehabilitation services virtually, what accessibility challenges they faced and how they worked through them to continue serving their clients. They then began a conversation about remote support-based services. Many continue to work from home and they gave some opinions on the leading products in this space and some tips and tricks when working with each of these products. They discussed Apple, Microsoft, AIRA and more during this part of the 411 presentations. In addition, Judy Dixon made a brief presentation about a new technology found on the latest iPhones. Is this truly the thing to have for your iPhone? Attendees learned how this technology can be put to use in your environment to help follow people in a line, learn about a new space, and locate large objects.
♠ Megan A. Conway, PhD, Research and Accessibility Specialist, Helen Keller National Center, Healdsburg, CA
♠ David Kingsbury, Assistive Technology Instructor at the Carroll Center, Stoughton, MA
♠ Judy Dixon, Co-chair of the IAC, Arlington, VA
♠ Ray Campbell, Second Vice President of ACB, Glen Ellyn, IL 
Co-sponsored by: Information Access committee and Rehabilitation Issues Task Force

  • Recorded during the 2021 ACB National Convention on July 17~~
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