Sunday Edition for July 11, 2021 – The Women of ACB with Special Guest Host Terry Pacheco

Episode Notes


The ladies of ACB take over…

Due to some travel I will not be able to host Sunday Edition this week, but don’t despair… I have asked Terry Pacheco to host the Ladies of ACB this week. My trusted engineer extraordinaire Byron will be behind the scenes and the mic to make sure we have a fabulous show. If you have comments, suggestions and of course if you have a question and can’t join us live please email me at:
[email protected]


I am honored to host this week’s SUNDAY Edition which will feature some of the Women of ACB. Come get to know many of the candidates running for office in this year’s elections in this casual setting. The ACB Women’s Committee members will join us to tell us more about that committee and their plans for the upcoming convention. And we will round out the program with a discussion on special education for children and students who are blind or have low vision. We as women comprise a majority of the membership in our organization yet we don’t tend to blow our own horns. Why is that? Join us as we explore this and other topics raised.

Kind Regards,

Terry Pacheco

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