Ep 18 Writing Works Wonders


Topic: Round Robin Story Telling
Co-hosts: Cheryl McNeil Fisher and Kathy King

Something completely different! Fun and informative. Don’t miss the stories we spontaneously created using a special technique. From llamas to bananas, see if you can anticipate the twists and turns these authors synthesized on the fly.

—Round Robin Storytelling – Chain Storytelling –Progressive Storytelling! —

Yes, they use all those names, but the point is pretty much the same, the next person/author adds on more to the story. And we had great fun using this technique to exercise our creativity and explore new skills to add our repertoire. Let’s see where the stories take the group! Drama, mystery, and humor included.

We began with a story prompt from different genres each time. We also experimented with different guidelines for the storytelling. Are you ready to laugh? Click play!

We need to know- which do you like best?

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All levels of writers and readers will enjoy this episode and technique.

Round Robin Story Telling Links

Books written in Round Robin/chain story telling method

  • Melissa McClone and Pamela Kelley interview
  • Webpage
  • Interview episode
  • —-Collaboration discussion episode
  • Award-winning books -Wicked— Wicked and Deadly children’s series by Australian authors, Paul Jennings and Morris Gleitzmann. They wrote the book by alternating writing chapters. They then sent the chapters to the other author to write the next chapter. The Wicked series even was made into a movie!
  • —Wicked Link
  • —Deadly link
  • The Floating Admiral, a detective novel, published In 1931 which was written consecutively by 13 families mystery authors! Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers, Anthony Berkeley, and G.K. Chesterton, and other authors provided their own solution to the mystery as an epilogue. You can choose which solution you like !
  • —The Floating Admiral Link
  • Background about Round Robin Story Telling
  • Benjamin Franklin biography- mentioned by Kathy
  • —Benjamin Franklin: An American Life by Walter Isaacson.
  • ——— BARD/NLS DB 56501
  • ——— Amazon link
  • International ChainStorytelling Project for Children.

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