Sunday Edition for June 27, 2021 – Jennifer Flatt, Cachet Wells, and Mark Richert

Episode Notes

This week we talk to the new Communications Manager for ACB. Jennifer has been in the role for a few weeks now, and it’s a great time to get to know her and her plans for the branding of our outreach and internal communication strategy. Cachet Wells from Florida may be a new name on the national level, but Floridians know her energy, passion, and commitment to our community. Join us as we get to know this amazing and award winning BOP candidate. Then Mark returns to Sunday Edition to continue our on-going conversation about mentoring, diversity, equity, and inclusion and how we, as an organization, can tap into the tremendous talent and mold leaders to insure a solid future for the organization we all love. This Sunday will be doubly special as we celebrate Helen Keller’s birthday and, by coincidence, Mark’s birthday.

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