Sunday Edition for January 17, 2021: Leadership and Involvement

Episode Notes

This week I am excited  to welcome back to the show Kenneth Semien  to expand on our previous conversation. Leadership and mentoring, DMK and the JP Morgan scholarships , Texas and ACB are the topics on deck but as Kenneth and I are talkers this is sure to be a fascinating conversation. Kenneth has offered the lessons and tips for leadership and mentoring to ACB at large and I cannot wait to dive into his plans to step the mentoring of scholarship winners in the coming year. 

Terry Suarez of Outside Adventures joins me in the second half of this weeks show to expound on her adventures and how we can all enjoy the world virtually. A Brand New World and Health Checkup  calls have her firmly ensconced in the ACB Community. Her work building the brand new FCB At Large chapter keep her plate pretty full during these pandemic isolating days. She offers up fun and educational calls and is passionate to help advocate for and grow the membership of the organizations she loves. Getting  involved is just the start she says and I am eager for you all to get to know her.

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