20200619 010 CCB Friday Afternoon Session.

Session 1: Friday June 19, 1 PM to 4 PM

1 PM Call to order, Judy Wilkinson, CCB President presiding.
1:05 PM Announcements and preliminary matters.
Pledge of Allegiance
1:15 PM Virtual Conference and Convention Etiquette, Rob Turner, Member, CCB Board of Directors.
1:20 PM Adoption of Conference and Convention Rules, Gabe Griffith, CCB First Vice President.
1:30 PM “Meeting the Unmet Need for Services to Seniors with Vision Loss”, Panel Moderator, Jeff Thom, CCB Immediate Past President.
Panelists: Joe Xavier, Director, Department of Rehabilitation, Sacramento, CA; Shari Roeseler, Executive Director, Sacramento Society for the Blind, Sacramento, CA; Shellena Heber, Executive Director, Valley Center for the Blind, Fresno, CA; Claire M. Ramsey, Senior Staff Attorney, Justice in Aging, Berkeley, CA.
The panel will discuss various issues surrounding trends in services to seniors, with emphasis on ways of filling the ever-expanding gap in services available to seniors who are blind or have low vision.
2:15 PM “Voting Matters”, Paul R. Spenser, Staff Attorney, Disability Rights California, Voting Rights Unit, San Diego, CA.
Mr. Spenser will discuss the importance of exercising our right to vote privately and independently as well as the challenges and opportunities for the November election, in light of the COVID-19 virus pandemic. On behalf of Disability Rights California, Mr. Spenser will seek feedback on the accessibility of the Remote Accessible Vote-by-Mail process, the new accessible voting machines in use statewide, and electronic poll books.
2:45 PM “An Update on Legal Cases Impacting People who are Blind or Have Low Vision”, Sean Betouliere, Staff Attorney, Disability Rights Advocates, Berkeley, CA.
Disability Rights Advocates, one of the nation’s leading legal civil rights advocacy organizations for people with disabilities, has worked closely with the California Council of the Blind for more than two decades. Mr. Betouliere will provide an update on some of the important legal work being done on behalf of people who are blind or have low vision.
3:15 PM First Reading of Bylaws Amendments, Sarah Harris and David Jackson, Co-Chairs, CCB Bylaws Committee.
3:40 PM Credentials and Nominating Reports, Frank Welte, Chair, CCB Credentials and Nominating Committees.
4 PM Final Announcements, Judy Wilkinson, CCB President.

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