Pride Connection for September 8, 2020 – Our Racial/Social Justice Conversation Continues

As President of Blind LGBT Pride International (BPI), I would like to invite you to be a part of our on-going conversations around Racial Justice.

Pride Connection has had the honor of conducting 2 in-depth conversations with Will Burley, a Black activist and Cultural Humility leader, and Cheryl Cummings, a member of ACB’s Multicultural Affairs Committee. We’ve held conversations around the history of racial inequities injustice in our country; facts and statistics; societal responses to racial injustice, including the true role of the BLM movement; and, most importantly, the personal experiences of our panelists and their families.

This week, our conversations continue. First, join Pride Connection on Tuesday, September 8 at 10:00 PM on ACB Radio Mainstream. BPI has invited ACB President, Dan Spoone to open our program with his thoughts and feelings. Will and Cheryl will then lead a dialog about racial justice by exploring the emotional impact of having this necessary conversation on the human experience. This will be a considerate heart-to-heart conversation, as they discuss how 24-hour and social media as well as these hard talks of change are affecting relationships.

We then invite you to join a listening session on Wednesday, September 9, 2020 at 7:30 PM EDT. The purpose is to allow each of us to get past the social media clutter and television commentary to understand how this time in our country’s history is shaping us.

BPI Listening Session will give people an opportunity to listen, share and consider with empathy and love. This session, while allowing for everyone to share their thoughts and feelings, is intended to be a safe space, where we will listen to each other without debate or comments. The truest way form of listening is by doing exactly that; listening and taking what we’ve heard away for our own contemplation and understanding. Additionally, we have decided not to broadcast this session to ensure the privacy of such a sensitive conversation.

As we strive to work together to make this a more perfect union of our human existence, join Will Burley and BPI in a heart-to-heart with ACB family and friends as we come together for this necessary first step in strengthening, rebuilding and reconciling relationships, one person at a time.