Pride Connection Presents: Asexual Representation

Episode Notes This week, Destiny Dimattel and Randy Reed are joined by married couple Courtney and Royce from “The Ace Couple” podcast. We discuss Asexual representation in media, what makes it good, what makes it bad and some of our favorite characters. Courtney and Royce also discuss a special project they working on within the … Read more

Pride Connection Presents – Catching up with Rosemary Ketchum

Episode Notes This week Anthony and Gabriel speak with council woman, activist and West Virginia’s first ever trans representative. From language to identity, Don’t Say Gay and how the light shined on these horrific bills may actually help move our communities forward and so much more. We spoke with Rosemary a little over a year … Read more

Pride Connection Presents – Councilwoman Rosemary Ketchum, Wheeling, WV (Rerun)

Episode Notes Congresswoman Rosemary Ketchum has agreed to come back to Pride Connection on April 26, 2022 for a conversation about legislation that has recently passed that greatly affects us in the LGBTQ+ Community. We decided in preparation for Rosemary’s return to Pride Connection, we should revisit our first conversation. You won’t want to miss … Read more

Pride Connection Presents: Beauty

Episode Notes This week on Pride Connection, we explore what beauty means to us as blind or partially sighted members of the LGBTQ+ community. Join us as we delve into a rich discussion of how we define beauty, what we consider beautiful in ourselves and others, and how embracing our LGBTQ+ identities has helped us to express our inner … Read more

Pride Connection Presents: How did the things we heard about the LGBTQ Community effect our growing up and coming out, Self Esteem

Episode Notes Join a fantastic BPI panel as we discuss what we were told, what we overheard and what we were taught about the LGBTQ community across multiple generations. How did it effect our perceptions of the community and of ourselves? How did it impact when and how we came out? What advice does our … Read more

Pride Connection Presents: Gender Identity, Gender Expression

Episode Notes Blind LGBT Pride International discusses gender. How we see ourselves, how we express our gender and how our bodies can be our best friend or biggest obstacle in expressing ourselves. This incredibly deep and vulnerable conversation draws back the curtain on the feelings behind gender identity and expression. Fluid, Trans, Cis-gendered, and transitioning; … Read more

Pride Connection Presents: Celebrating The Holidays With BPI

Episode Notes This week several BPI members got together to discuss the unique obstacles we face as blind LGBTQ+ people during the holidays. We discuss everything from dealing with how our families react to our sexuality and gender identity when we get together for the festive season, to overcoming challenges with depression when everyone else … Read more