Pride Connection Presents: Accessiblity In The Performing Arts

Episode Notes Join Pride Connection as we talk with Diane, Collin of ArtsAbly, along with Shannon and Natalia, two blind musicians, who have both studied at the university level. They talk accessibility in the university halls, and the concert halls, and even beyond in the broader community. Learn about some barriers they faced, and some … Read more

Pride Connection Presents: Embarassing Stories and Bloopers

Episode Notes We at Blind Pride International are always working diligently to advocate for our membership. But, things have been kind of heavy lately and we wanted to lighten things up. We invited BPI members to a recording session where they could share their embarrassing stories and bloopers. Join us for an episode full of … Read more

Pride Connection Presents: LGBTQ+ Representation in TV and Film

Episode Notes This week a panel of guests lead by Jessica Tomlinson talk about LGBTQ+ representation in TV and Film. Who was your first celebrity gay crush? What character helped you to find the strength to come out? Which character did you most identify with? We discuss these topics and more on this week’s episode … Read more

Pride Connection Presents: The Unsilent – Voices For Human Rights

Episode Notes This week on Pride Connection, we have produced a very special program highlighting the importance of human rights. This episode features a rich tapestry of voices from all walks of life within the membership of Blind LGBT Pride International. The focal point of this presentation is the recent decision by the American Council … Read more

Pride Connection Presents: Let’s Talk About Books!

Episode Notes This week we invited BPI members and allies to come to Clubhouse to talk about their favorite LGBTQ+ Books. We covered every genre from non-fiction to the weirdest of science fiction and everything in between. Thank you to Jessica Tomlinson for taking the helm and leading this conversation.

Pride Connection Presents: Brynn’s Journey in Transition

Episode Notes Join us this week on Pride Connection, a podcast by Blind LGBT Pride International, as hosts Anthony Corona and Leah Gardner engage in a candid conversation with Brynn Lee. This episode provides an insightful look into Brynn’s personal experience with her transition. Brynn will let us in on on the practical and emotional … Read more

Pride Connection Presents: Love Is Love Is Love with FruitLoots

Episode Notes On this very special episode of Pride Connection, hosts Anthony Corona and Janeen Lea talk with David Cruz of Millionaire Matchmaker and Finding Cupid fame about his newest adventure in love: FruitLoots! David, who originally hails from Guam, shares his story of coming to California for college and the culture shock that was, … Read more

Pride Connection Presents: Holiday Open House

Episode Notes This week’s episode of Pride Connection showcases a special recording from our Friday Night Fun Chat on Clubhouse, hosted by Jessica and JD. The theme is “Holiday Open House,” where the discussion revolves around unique ways of celebrating the holidays, with a focus on how blindness and queerness intersect with festive traditions. Additionally, … Read more

Pride Connection Presents: BPI’s Advocacy Committee; plans for 2024; Jacksonville Rally; Includes a message from Florida State Representative, Anna Eskamani

Episode Notes This time on Pride Connection, Host Anthony Corona is back, and with him are Advocacy Committee co-chairs Gabriel Lopez Kafati and Tristan Snyder. We’ll hear from Florida State Representative Anna Eskamani, and we’ll get an update on BPI’s plans to bring a powerful advocacy rally to Jacksonville. BPI’s reinvigorated Advocacy Committee is ready … Read more