Pride Connection for September 1, 2020 Presents: Ian Buchanan, Actor, Producer, Model and Icon

Pride Connection is always bringing informative, community-building conversations as well as fun experiences. During the last few weeks we have been focusing on racial justice, and decided to take a week of entertainment before we continue that series of conversations.

So, we reached out to Ian who has been working the entertainment industry in various capacities for decades. You may know him from his modeling days with Ford, Elite and as Giorgio Armani’s personal fitting Model

He transitioned and exploded into acting in the mid-80s at the hight of the Soap Opera Golden Age as Duke Lavery. The Anna-Duke Super couple is still one of General Hospitals most beloved pairings!

He spent 17 years on the Bold & Beautiful as well as Time on All My Children and Days of our Lives.

He took Prime-time by storm in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks as well as so many memorable guest spots, animation and video gaming voice over work.

In Marilyn and Bobby he made his name in feature films. There is a lot to talk about career wise but we will also dip into the life of working as a quietly out actor.

Questions for Ian can be sent to [email protected]

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