20240216 – VISAbilities – Kathi Wolfe on VISAbilities.

Terry is excited to welcome in Kathi Wolfe to VISAbilities. Kathi is an award winning poet, writer, reporter, and researcher. She has several published books of her poetry and wrote one on Helen Keller, the Socialist. Imagine walking up to a stage with your work in exceptionally large print so you can read and connect … Read more

20240209 – VISAbilities – Claire Stanley and Swatha Nandhakumar, ACB’s Governmental Affairs and Advocacy team.

Terry welcomes in Claire Stanley and Swatha Nandhakumar, ACB’s Governmental Affairs and Advocacy team, with the most up-to-date news about this year’s DC Leadership Training and Legislative Seminar taking place the first weekend in March. Details for reservations, registration, events and much more have been planned for this hybrid gathering. And, of course, we will … Read more

20240202 – VISAbilities – ACBDA and Everything Diabetes.

ACB Diabetics in Action has put together an amazing panel of experts and consumers to present to us on a wide number of issues from nutrition to monitors to exercise and more. If you or someone you care for is diabetic, you are bound to get some good information from this one hour session Find … Read more

20240126 – VISAbilities – Jeff Bishop and Bits, plus Downsizing.

Jeff Bishop, President of Blind Information Technology Specialists will stop by to tell us about some great things that are happening with that affiliate. Later we will chat about downsizing, and we will also have several announcements from affiliates with upcoming events. So, bring your calendar. All are welcome! Email VISAbilities Sponsored by VISAbilities Find … Read more

20240112 – VISAbilities – Holiday Highlights.

join Terry and the VISAbilities crew for Holiday Highlights. It has been nearly a month since we last met, and we all have stories of our holidays to share. Whether your season was quiet or jam packed, something good happened. Everyone is always welcome! Find out more at https://acb-visabilities.pinecast.co

20231215 – VISAbilities – Braille, Bumps, & Birthdays.

Join me as I welcome Denise Colley and Paul Edwareds (current and past BRLpresidents respectively), Braille Revival League, to VISAbilities. BRL will be holding a special 7-hour event on January 4, in honor of Louis Braille’s birthday. Come hear about their plans and activities and how you can participate in this tribute to one of … Read more

20231124 – VISAbilities – What do We Do With Thanksgiving Leftovers.

What do Terry and cranberries have in common? You will find out tonight. Now what do we do with yesterday’s leftovers, especially cranberries? How about cranberry white chocolate cookies or cranberry orange nut bread, or layered turkey leftover casserole? These are just a few of the recipes we will highlight along with your favorites. We … Read more