20230922 – VISAbilities – Tom Sullivan.

VISAbilities – Stage & Screen Visually Impaired Seniors Series I am excited to announce a very special series we will start off with a bang tonight.  These guests have made their careers in the entertainment industry. Whether in music, films,, on stage, authoring books, or other entertainment related fields.  There is no better way to … Read more

20230915 – VISAbilities – Silver Stars Of ACB.

Have you been a member of ACB for at least 25 years? We want to recognize you as a Silver Star. You have given so much and accomplished so much in your lifetime both within and outside of the organization.  How do you feel about the changes that have taken place through the years? In … Read more

20230908 – VISAbilities – State Affiliates, Oregon, California, CCLVI, GDUI, IVIE, and Leslie Spoone will talk about the ACB Media Holiday Auction.

Don’t miss a thing! All are wwelcome! **Our State and Special interest Affiliates have a lot happening over the next few months – conventions, elections, training sessions, fundraisers, and more.  Get all the details and share your affiliate’s happenings. We will hear from  several affiliates including Oregon, California, CCLVI, GDUI, IVIE, and, of course Leslie … Read more

20230901 – VISAbilities Annual Labor Day Party.

Let’s celebrate the days of a long hot summer filled with sun, fun, and convention.  How did you spend your summer vacation?  This is a night of relaxation and fun for everyone.  We will also play music trivia for us baby boomers.  We will roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days  of summer under the … Read more

20230818 – VISAbilities – Announcements.

Tonight’s VISAbilities is full of announcements for upcoming events, conventions, auctions, and much more.  Bring something to take notes with, and keep on top of all the happenings.  We will have some guests to share with us. But most of all, we want and need your input. Find out more at https://acb-visabilities.pinecast.co

20230728 – VISAbilities – how we as caregivers can continue caring for our friends and family while not forgetting to take care of ourselves.

Terry will welcome a panel discussion on how we as caregivers can continue caring for our friends and family members while not forgetting to take care of ourselves both physically and mentally.  What arrangements do we need to make to give ourselves  some down time? Safety rules on planes, for example, always tell you to … Read more

20230721 – VISAbilities – Meet Our New Leaders.

Four Leaders in our organization were elected or appointed to new positions at this year’s ACB Convention.  Jeff Bishop, Michael Garrett, and Cecily Laney Nipper were each elected to office.  Penny Reeder was appointed as Chair of the Board of Publications by President Deb Cook Lewis.  Get to know these men and women and their … Read more