20220928 – Main Menu Live – Envision Glasses with Bob Roehm, Manager Envision Technologies – and Chris Hofstader, Amanda Carson and Keri Swendsen who represent World Blind Herald, a unique online publication.

During the first hour Main Menu welcomes Bob Roehm, Manager Envision Technologies, to discuss the Envision AI system including glasses and app. Bob will introduce the Envision Technologies AI system. He will compare this system to other assistive technology devices and discuss the components of the system and how the features can help the VI … Read more

20220330 – Main Menu Live 2022 CSUN.

Join the Main Menu Live team as we gather technology experts who attended CSUN and share all we learned at the event. This includes braille; in-door navigation; and so much more. Sponsored by Information Access Committee

Main Menu Live April 28, 2021It’s all about getting moving with accessible fitness equipment. Peloton and Concept. 2 devices and On-The-Muv.

# The Main Menu Live team will be discussing accessible fitness equipment. Getting up and getting moving is a theme throughout the year within ACB. In the first hour, Michael and Satauna come to talk with all of us about Peloton and Concept 2 devices. Peloton has some built-in accessibility features that make it easier … Read more