20240424 – Main Menu Live – Samuel Greene, discusses the Zoom Essential digital Recorders. Amos Miller, Glidance Founder and CEO, discusses Glide.

Main Menu Live welcomes Samuel Greene, Product Specialist -Development at Zoom Corp., to discuss the very popular Zoom Essential digital Recorders. These recorders are accessible and have 32 bit float. Tune in to see exactly what all that means. In the second hour, Main Menu welcomes Amos Miller, Glidance Founder and CEO, to discuss Glide, … Read more

20240327 – Main Menu Live presents all things Groups.IO.

This week on Main Menu Live we bring together major portions of the communication teams across ACB to talk with all of you all about Groups.IO in a comprehensive two-hour presentation. Members of the Board of Publications, ACB’s ACB Media team, Blind Information Technology Specialists and others will join us to talk all about Groups. … Read more

20240131 – Main Menu Live – Karthik Mahadevan CEO Envision. We also will talk about CoPilot.

Karthik Mahadevan, CEO at Envision, will delve into the upgrades in the new Envision Glasses v.2.5 featuring a new interactive describe scene powered by GPT-4 Vision by Open AI & multilingual voice commands. That’s not all! Exciting changes landed on the Envision App and future updates are set to revolutionize the user experience and create … Read more

20230927 – Main Menu Live – Apple and IOS 17 updates.

Hello Everyone,  Join John, Larry and I along with a number of guests as we dive deep into all things tech this month:  Finally, Microsoft has released a major update to Windows 11 this week. It has all kinds of accessibility improvements along with other user experience changes that we will discuss. The big change … Read more

20230125 – Main Menu Live – AIRA with Troy Otillio and Jenine Stanley. Also the team from Unmute Presents along with the iACast Network team – 1959.

This month on Main Menu Live we bring you two hours of technology talk from a blindness perspective, including your comments and questions. AIRA has made some major announcements concerning their service. We bring Troy Otillio and Jenine Stanley  to have an open, honest and frank conversation about the service and its future direction. Emphasis … Read more