2022, Episode 5 Let’s Talk Low Vision- Travel with Low Vision

Show Notes Episode 2022, #5 Enjoy this episode as Richard Rueda shares extensive insight regarding traveling with vision loss over two decades. In his role as Digital Content Manager with the APH Connect Center, Richard gets to travel more than ever. Hear how he expertly navigates social situations, when he seeks assistance at airports and … Read more

2021, Ep 12, Let’s Talk Low Vision- Children’s Vision & Magnification

Show Notes Episode .. Dr Bill and our guest presenter, Kathy L. Friedman, Licensed Dispensing Optician, Educator and Low Vision Failitator, highlight vision development among children as well as explaining how magnification and assistive technology can be helpful for people with low vision. This episode includes top assistive technology tips and sought-after low vision devices. … Read more

2021, Ep 11, Let’s Talk Low Vision- SpeakToMeCatalog.com Denise Russell

Show Notes Episode 11 – Let’s Talk Low Vision- SpeakToMeCatalog.com Denise Russell Discover the inside story of one woman’s powerful entrepreneurial journey selling talking and musical products by mail order since 1994. Denise Russell, low vision herself, shares the story of starting Speak To Me Catalog, and how it has grown over the years in … Read more

2021, Ep 10, Let’s Talk Low Vision

Show Notes 2021, Episode 10, Julian Vargas on iPhones and iOS 15 October 2021 Topic: Julian Vargas shares the new versions of the Apple iPhone and iOS 15 features. Join us to learn the pros and cons of these phones and more. This episode includes a very informative question and answer session with the participants. … Read more

2021 Ep 9 Let’s Talk Low Vision

Show Notes Episode 9, Back to School Episode Topic: Going back to school can be a very stressful time for children. For those who have never gone to school, fear of the unknown is very real. Others may not be sure how their vision loss might affect what they are able to do and achieve. … Read more