Art Parlor for November Presents: Chris Kuell

Welcome to this month’s edition of The Art Parlor! Our guest, Chris Kuell, has quite a story to tell. In that his career began in the field of medicinal science and he is now a writer, this has at least a couple of meanings. Sit back and enjoy as Chris shares his journey with us! … Read more

The Art Parlor for October presents: Mike Mandel – Part 2

Alas, Summer has come to an end and these first, cooler days of Autumn are upon us. After a brief hiatus, we are back! Remember when we spoke with FIA President, Mike Mandel, in January? We said we wanted to continue that discussion and that’s what we’re here to do this month! We continue Mikes … Read more

The Art Parlor for May, 2022 Presents: Satauna Howery

You may have heard this woman’s voice before and didn’t even know it. Our guest this month is voice actor, Satauna Howery, whose voice has been heard from the United States and Canada to Lebanon and France! Her warm, engaging voice has been used in audio books, commercials, promos, e-learning, and so much more. And … Read more

Presenting Joel Snyder in The Art Parlor for April, 2022

Listen as Peter and Annie interview “the guru” in Audio Description! Joel Snyder, P.H.D., is a pioneer in the field and takes us back to the days just before its inception. You’ll learn where his interests started and what led to the audio description technique and voice work he and his associates provide today, including … Read more

Art Parlor for March, 2022 Presents: Maia Scott

We were so pleased to interview this lovely guest, Maia Scott, who you will find has many talents! She teaches accessible and performing arts classes through the city college of San Francisco. Furthermore, she is an accessibility analyst, explores all manner of gig jobs, leads labyrinth training, and much more. Tune into this episode to … Read more

The Art Parlor for February, 2022 presents: Cheryl McNeil Fisher

Welcome to this month’s edition of The Art Parlor by Friends in Art! Our guest is author Cheryl McNeil Fisher who is also the cohost of the Writing Works Wonders podcast! She says she is very happy that she learned to type in high school because, after that, her hands keep up with the thoughts … Read more

Art Parlor for January, 2022 Presents: FIA President, Mike Mandel

Happy New Year, listeners, and welcome to our first episode of 2022! We are excited and proud to present our guest, FIA President, Mike Mandel! Listen and find yourself swept away on an adventure as he details his schooling and career with other talented musicians and tours in the US and abroad! He also offers … Read more

Art Parlor for November, 2021 – A conversation with Friends in Art’s recent and current scholarship Recipients

Join us in the art parlor as we speak with a talented group of artists (all musicians, in this case). You’ll hear from Wayne Pearcy, Matthew Shifrin, Meghan Downing, and Kai Owens. In addition to learning their backgrounds and instruments of choice, you’ll learn about their varied interests outside the music arena. This was originally … Read more

Art Parlor for September, 2021 presents: Dan Simpson

It is our pleasure to introduce our guest, Dan Simpson! You’ll find he has many skills in this entertaining and informative interview – a poet, musician, and teacher, to name a few. Enjoy this month’s program! The Art Parlor is brought to you by Friends in Art – It can be heard Saturdays at … Read more

Art Parlor for August, 2021 Presents: Sam Jasmine!

Welcome to this edition of The Art Parlor by Friends in Art. Our guest in this episode is radio engineer and broadcaster, Sam Jasmine. Listen as she tells us about the early days in her career, some of the challenges that ended up helping her along the way, and the funny, behind-the-scenes moments she shares. … Read more