Art Parlor Revisits a Holiday Episode with Jason Castonguay

Episode Notes In this episode, we turn back a year… We bid you season’s greetings as we bring back FIA member, Jason Castonguay, to talk about how he goes about arranging music. In this case, we’re talking Christmas music. Yes, you, our listeners, will get to enjoy some hand-picked selections from Jason’s Christmas album, as … Read more

Art Parlor for October Presents: Matthew Shifrin!

Welcome to the October edition of The Art Parlor! This month, we feature a returning guest, Matthew Shifrin! He tells us of his college work, a one-man musical he’s created, his company’s continued efforts with Lego, and much more! This talented, clever, innovative man has a lot going for him and it was a pleasure … Read more

Art Parlor for September Presents: Meghan Downing

Meghan Downing, the recipient of FIA’s 2020 scholarship, is our guest in this edition of The Art Parlor! She tells us of her music interests ramping up in high school, learning the guitar, and takes us through her college adventures – the most recent of which was studying in Valencia, Spain. While there, she recorded … Read more

Art Parlor for August, 2023 – AI, Music, & Pictures

Art Parlor for August, 2023 Presents: AI, Music, & Pictures In this edition of the Art Parlor, we visit an archive of the 2022 National ACB Conference and Convention. Held on June 23 of that year, our guest and FIA member, Derek Lane, along with attendees explore artificial intelligence, music, and pictures and how we, … Read more

Art Parlor for June, 2023 Presents: FIA’s Upcoming Live Showcase and the Folks helping Us Make it Happen – I See Music!

Episode Notes Welcome to this edition of The Art Parlor where we shine a spotlight on an organization called I See Music and the gracious people there who will be helping us with our upcoming, in-person Showcase of the Performing Arts at this year’s ACB national conference and convention! You’ll hear from I See Music’s … Read more

Art Parlor for April Presents: You Gotta Have Harp

Episode Notes In this edition of Art Parlor, you’ll ear an FIA presentation made in honor of FIA Past President, Lynn Hedl, at the 2022 ACB National Conference and Convention. You’ll learn about the harp through presentations and performances by hosts Nancy Pendegraph and Jason Castonguay.

Art Parlor for March Presents: Feather Chelle

In this episode, we interview author, Feather Chelle. From her website, Feather Chelle is a single mother of five, living in Texas, along with two grandpuppies and two grandpiggies (guinea pigs). She is totally blind due to a battle with cancer and enjoys homeschooling with her family. She has been in love with the ocean … Read more

Art Parlor for February Presents: George Ashiotis!

Welcome to this month’s edition of The Art Parlor! We are excited to feature our multi-talented guest and actor, George Ashiotis! George Ashiotis was born in London, England to Greek Cypriot parents. He came to the United States when he wasn’t quite two years old and grew up in Astoria Queens, NY. When he was … Read more

Art Parlor for January Presents, Jennifer Justice

Happy New Year and welcome to this month’s edition of The Art Parlor! In this edition, we speak with artist and advocate, Jennifer Justice. You may remember her from the 2022 ACB and Friends in Art Art of Disability Workshop, where she and four other west coast artists discussed curation and exhibition practices and how … Read more