Art Parlor for September, 2021 presents: Dan Simpson

It is our pleasure to introduce our guest, Dan Simpson! You’ll find he has many skills in this entertaining and informative interview – a poet, musician, and teacher, to name a few. Enjoy this month’s program! The Art Parlor is brought to you by Friends in Art – It can be heard Saturdays at … Read more

Art Parlor for August, 2021 Presents: Sam Jasmine!

Welcome to this edition of The Art Parlor by Friends in Art. Our guest in this episode is radio engineer and broadcaster, Sam Jasmine. Listen as she tells us about the early days in her career, some of the challenges that ended up helping her along the way, and the funny, behind-the-scenes moments she shares. … Read more

Art Parlor for June, 2021 Presents: Leslie Hamric!

This month, we bring to you our interview with Leslie Hamric – a cellist, vocalist, teacher, and all around great guest! Join us as we learn about her journey with music, both by ear and with reading Braille Music, and her college experience to the symphony and beyond. Art Parlor can be heard Saturdays at … Read more

Art Parlor for May, 2021 Presents: Fitz Martin

on this May edition of Art Parlor, our guest is producer and recording engineer and entrepreneur, Fitz Martin. Fitzville G. Martin aka Son of the Village is a well-known and respected Recording Engineer, Producer, Recording Artist and the Founder of Will Power Entertainment. You won’t want to miss this compelling and energetic conversation about his … Read more

The Art Parlor for April, 2021 presents: Maureen Young

We are very happy to present Maureen Young on this April edition of The Art Parlor. It was such a pleasure to speak with her and learn about her career in theater, the opera, and voice over work. You’ll also hear about triumphs, challenges, wisdom and experiences of this very talented woman. What’s more, keep … Read more

Art Parlor for Feb, 2021 Presents: Darrow Loucks

In this edition of The Art Parlor, you’ll hear from our guest and recent FIA member, Darrow Loucks, who also joined us at ACB Radio about 10 months ago. He tells an engaging story of his upbringing with parents who were both involved in radio. While you might imagine the influence of music to be … Read more

Art Parlor for January Presents: Poet, Joan Myles

Our guest for this month’s Art Parlor is author and poet, Joan Myles. We start with some questions, get to hear some of her poetry, and thoroughly-enjoy speaking with her and understanding what it is that inspires her to write. You can learn more about Joan by visiting her website:, or you can also … Read more

Art Parlor for December, 2020 Presents: Peter Altschul

This month on The Art Parlor, you’ll learn about long-time Friends in Art member, Peter Altschul. Music has been a part of his life since he was very young and alternative meter and rhythm became part of his game. Can you blame him? He is, after all, a drummer. As a form of Christmas Card, … Read more

Wayne Pearcy is our Guest this month on Art Parlor – November, 2020

It is our pleasure to bring to you our interview with FIA member and guest on this month’s show, Wayne Pearcy! An accomplished musician possessing enthusiasm and spirit, this interview will introduce listeners begining with his early life and how music and the trumpet naturally became a part of it. Showing advanced potential early on, … Read more