20220703 Unravelling the Medicare Tangle

20220703 Unravelling the Medicare Tangle Originally Aired July 3, 2022, on ACB Media   Lori Scharff ACB’s Medicare expert, provided attendees with the information one would need to better understand the maze that is the Medicare program. Eligibility, benefits, gaps, and special plans are just a few of the areas that she covered.   Edited … Read more

20210722 – So you want to pick the right therapist

~~So, You Want to Pick the Right Therapist? Will he or she be affirming of blindness, LGBTQ+ status or gender identity: Attendees learned from both blind and sighted therapists’ tips to help you choose the right professional to meet your needs. Presenters: ♠ Jessica Kell, certified family therapist, Baltimore, MD ♠ Ronald Miner Hughes, MSW, … Read more

20210721 – Diabetes and advocacy

~~Diabetes and Advocacy 101: Attendees learned what ACB and ACBDA have done to promote advocacy in affordable medication and accessible durable medical equipment for those with diabetes. Attendees also gained more information about advocating for yourself and being your advocate with medical teams. Speakers: ♣ Clark Rachfal, ACB, Director of Advocacy & Governmental Affairs ♣ … Read more

20210720 – Diabetes and fitness

~~Diabetes and Fitness 101: Attendees joined us to learn about the importance of exercise and how it plays a role with managing diabetes. Speakers: ♥ Karen Kemmis, PT, RN, DPT, Syracuse, NY ♥ Steve Bauer, CCA Board Member, Culver, CA Recorded during the 2021 ACB National Convention on July 20~~

20210721 – An evening with ACB: Creating financial literacy

~~An Evening With ACB: Panel on Increasing Financial Literacy: Financial issues touch every aspect of our lives. The more we can learn about successfully navigating this whole area of interest, the more successful we can become in handling various financial matters that contribute to our independence. Although we could never hope to fully handle this … Read more

20210719 – Diabetes 101: Self management

~~Diabetes Education 101 – Diabetes Self-Management:  This session reviewed the Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists’ described 7 self-care behaviors and how they can help you live a healthy and abundant life. This included monitoring, taking medication, problem solving, healthy coping and reducing risks.  Speakers: ♠ Brenda Jagatic, BScN, RN, Certified Diabetes Care & … Read more

20210717 – Do you hear what I hear?

~~BITS/SASI: Do You Hear What I Hear: Are you getting the most from your hearing devices? Have you ever wondered if any hearing aids will work with other technology such as your iPhone?  Attendees enjoyed an informative presentation during which two audiologists and a Hearing Care Professional served as panelists as they addressed the issues … Read more

20210716 – Barking up the Aisle

GDB alumni and anyone was interested in Guide Dogs for the Blind and guide-dog access: Attendees joined GDB for an update on the DOT Air Carriers Access Act Service, animal Ruling with national experts. including: ◘ Mr. Ray Prentice (Alaska Airline Accessibility Director) ◘ Mr. Eric Lipp (CEO of Opendoors Organization)  What is the ‘Ruling’ … Read more