20210718 – RDF: Raising revenue for affiliate conventions

~~Raising Revenue for Affiliate Conventions: Attendees joined the Resource Development Committee to delve into ways to fund-raise at affiliate conventions. They showed you how to approach corporations for sponsorships and provided information on how to hold a successful auction. Presenters: ◘ Margarine G. Beaman, Volunteer Fund-raiser for ACB and numerous other organizations, Austin, TX ◘ … Read more

20210718 – SASI: employment strategies for those with dual sensory loss

~~SASI presents Employment Strategies for those with a Dual Sensory Loss: Sight and Sound Impaired (SASI) Committee presented a panel of people who have a dual sensory loss of hearing and vision loss. The panel discussed how they used reasonable accommodations, communication techniques, assistive technology and other strategies to gain and maintain employment.  Panelists: ♠ … Read more

20210718- So what do I do with this law degree

~~What Do I Do with This Law Degree: Attendees joined in a stimulating roundtable discussion among attorney members of the ACB Community. They described some of the varied settings: private practice, government, and academics — in which they have been employed. Especially if you or someone you know is thinking about a legal career, this … Read more

20210722 – Global tales

~~Global Tails: With greater global awareness of guide dogs, more and more training programs are being established around the world. How do such programs get started? Often, knowledge sharing from more established schools plays an important role. What have these cross-border exchanges been like? Presenters from several schools will share their experiences of helping to … Read more

20210722 – Guide dog schools update

~~Community Run- Guide Dog Schools Update: The past 12 months have been challenging. Grab your favorite toy and settle from your scampering about to learn the creative ways guide dog schools have weathered the pandemic. The innovations they are using so as to pull in to the harness and move forward! Presenters: Representatives from multiple … Read more

20210722 – Helen Keller and the Lions

~~Helen Keller and the Lions: In 1925 Helen Keller challenged the Lions to be“knights of the blind.”  Micheal Hudson, Director of the American Printing House for the Blind Museum in Louisville, KY, took us back nearly 100 years and helped us discover how it all happened. An amazing piece of Helen Keller history. Questions were … Read more

20210722 – So you want to be an entrepreneur

~~“So You Want to Be An Entrepreneur?”: Is the being your own boss lifestyle right for you?: Attendees joined current and former business owners from ACB Women and IVIE for a lively and informative discussion which explored the pleasures and pitfalls of creating your own business. Presenters: ♦ Ardis Bazyn, CEO, Bazyn Communications, Burbank, CA … Read more

20210722 – tips and tricks for nailing that job interview

~~Tips and Tricks for Nailing that Job Interview: Attendees learned new ways to address those annoying interviewing challenges. Panelists ♣ Anthony Corona, BPI/Sunday Edition, Miami, FL ♣ Pam Shaw, “Joy Restoration Coach,” Philadelphia, PA ♣ Michael Garrett, ACB Enterprises and Services, Chair, Missouri City, TX ♣ Brooke Jostad, Employment Committee Chair, Fort Collins, CO Facilitators: … Read more