20210720 – Schools for the blind: From segregation to integration

~~ACBF/MCAC Schools for the Blind – From Segregation to Integration: The U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously in 1954 that segregation in public schools was unconstitutional.  How did that landmark case affect schools for the blind across the country? What had gone before, and what came afterward, in the integration of the schools? Micheal Hudson, Director … Read more

20210723 – Making gay history

“LGBTQ History: Eric Marcus, Journalist and podcaster, New York, NY returned to lead a fascinating discussion on how the HIV/AIDS epidemic changed the LGBTQ community forever. Recorded during the 2021 ACB National Convention on July 22″

20210722 – Describing race, skin color, ethnicity, gender and disability in todays audio description

“Diversity: Describing Race, Skin Color, Ethnicity, Gender, and Disability within Contemporary Audio Description: Attendees heard a direct and thoughtful discussion by a panel of audio description experts on the importance of diversity within the field, how to describe in today’s diverse world, and reflected on what consumers want to hear in their descriptions. Moderator: Kim … Read more

20210720 – Voices from around the world

“Voices from Around the World – Ten Voices, Ten Worlds: This is our tenth annual Voices from Around the World celebration, so we decided to pull out all the stops. This year, it was decided to take a deep dive into issues surrounding culture and disability. Some cultures embrace it while others may relegate the … Read more

20210718 – MCAC: One ACB moving forward

“MCAC “One ACB Moving Forward”: Our theme this year is symbolic of the diversity of our organization as we come together looking toward a brighter future. To that end, our session featured a panel of individuals from diverse backgrounds who shared with us unique aspects of their cultures. They highlighted family traditions, cultural customs, poems, … Read more

20210718 – Disability history/awareness education in society

“Disability History/Awareness Society Implementation: Attendees listened to a discussion about disability history/awareness with AFB’s President Kirk Adams, ACB’s President Dan Spoone, and ACB Students President Minh Ha, as they discussed the benefits and disadvantages of mandatory and voluntary disability awareness education in society. Co-Sponsored by: ACBS/ACBNG Recorded during the 2021 ACB National Convention on July … Read more

20210718 – A conversation with Dr. Hoby Wedler

“Conversation with Dr. Hoby Wedler: Dr. Webler is a Computational Chemist, Entrepreneur, Wine Expert, and Promoter of diversity and inclusion. Attendees listened to the life lessons from this remarkable man from Petaluma, CA. Co-sponsored by: ACB Next Gen, ACBS, BPI, IVIE, and ACB Employment Committee – Recorded during the 2021 ACB National Convention on July … Read more