Art Parlor for March Presents: Feather Chelle

In this episode, we interview author, Feather Chelle. From her website, Feather Chelle is a single mother of five, living in Texas, along with two grandpuppies and two grandpiggies (guinea pigs). She is totally blind due to a battle with cancer and enjoys homeschooling with her family. She has been in love with the ocean since she was five years old and loves to learn more and more about it every day. She loves to teach and has been writing since the first grade, although her first book was not published until the very end of 2020. Her hope is to spread the fun of learning by offering fun and educational books at an affordable rate to children of all ages. She strives to support educators and offers free, educational printables to anyone who subscribes to her bi-monthly newsletter. What’s more, a percentage of the profits from specific books are donated to a number of designated charities.

I think this paints a clear picture of teh varying topics that will be covered in this packed show! Enjoy your time in The Art Parlor!