Sunday Edition for February 12, 2023 – To Cupid or not to Cupid?

Episode Notes

Join Anthony and Brynn as they welcome Becky Dunkerson and Mark Richert back for another:

“To Holiday or not to Holiday, that is the question we shoot at with or without cupids arrow”

As the warmth and vulnerability from our Holiday conversation this past December,  faded we began to get requests for a like conversation for the lauded red heart and chocolate holiday, lol

We will reminisce, talk about alternate plans and ideas and hear from some of our wonderful friends. 

What is love? Romantic, Familial and Friendship love should all be celebrated every day, is it time to retire the cherubic Cupid?

Then we ask our audience to weigh in on the ACB Love? Do you feel it everyday? Are there things ACB as a grassroots organization can or should do to make sure we all feel the love?

Join Anthony, Brynn, Becky and Mark as we decide:

“To Cupid or not to Cupid?”

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