Art Parlor for February Presents: George Ashiotis!

Welcome to this month’s edition of The Art Parlor! We are excited to feature our multi-talented guest and actor, George Ashiotis!

George Ashiotis was born in London, England to Greek Cypriot parents. He came to the United States when he wasn’t quite two years old and grew up in Astoria Queens, NY. When he was five, it was discovered that something was wrong with his vision. After many doctor’s visits over many years and a surgery, he was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa. His vision gradually diminished until it became necessary to be admitted into a special class for students with low vision. At age thirteen, he started taking piano lessons at The Lighthouse on 59th St in Manhattan. At the age of eighteen, he started performing with The Lighthouse Players, a semi-professional theater company, and learned about the craft of acting and the accompanying nomenclature thereof. After high school, he worked many odd jobs and through connections he made with The Lighthouse Players, managed to get cast in a couple of off off broadway productions. Eventually, he enrolled in college, where he graduated summa cumlaude from Hunter College in English Literature Arts. In 1983, he met Ike Schambelan and together, they formed Theater by the Blind. George worked both on-stage, taking on a wide range of leading roles, and behind the scenes in an administrative capacity. Mr. Ashiotis has been featured in plays ranging from Shakespeare to Agatha Christie and a few original pieces written and produced by the company. He is a member of The Actors Equity Company and The Screen Actors Guild.

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