20230210 – VISAbilities – Low Vision Services for Special Ed Students.

VISAbilities for All – Low Vision Services for Special Ed Students

A few weeks ago, Mark Richert, one of ACB’s most experienced and leading advocates, added to our Leadership list a very interesting post entitled “The
future of low vision services and devices in BVI-related special ed.” The post received several responses.  Mark will join me Friday night to hear from
you and to further explain what is and is not available through prior legislation such as IDEA and how he believes the passage of the Cogswell-Macy Act
would provide more well-rounded services to children with low vision during their most formative years.  Everyone seems to have an opinion.  We would like
to hear yours.  So join us at 7:00 PM EST for what I believe will be a lively interactive conversation. 

Find out more at https://acb-visabilities.pinecast.co