Sunday Edition for December 18, 2022 – America’s Test Kitchen Kids Low Vision Character and UnMute Presents

Episode Notes

This week Anthony Welcomes Nefertiti Matos Olivares and Chad Chennil the creative vision and voice behind Meggy Eggie of the wildly popular ATK Mystery Recipe podcast. We talk representation, diversity and what it took to bring a bi-lingual Low Vision character to life. The show blends entertainment with learning and not just how to execute a recipe. Teaching her friends about being blind or low vision and showing her talents in the kitchen Meggy has quickly become a fan favorite. Nefertiti and her amazing voice and laugh bring such heart to Meggy and I am so happy they brought a few clips for us to enjoy as well. 

Then in the second hour Anthony welcomes Marty Sobo and Michael Babcock of Unmute Presents. This popular Tech call and emerging business has become a goto staple for our community and we get to know them behind the proverbial MIC’s. Their individual stories and journey of friendship makes them dynamic partners who enrich ACB and the Blind Low Vision community beyond. 

Since I will be beginning my holiday celebrations early this year I did not want to leave Sunday Edition Audiences without any new shows before the new year so we pre-recorded this episode for you. 

Many Thanks to Nefertiti, Chad, Marty and Michael. Thanks to Tim Cumings for editing and Byron Lee for producing. 

New shows will return January 8th. 

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