Sunday Edition for December 11, 2022 – Taking Care Of Our Emotional Well Being During the Holidays, and You Are Not Alone

Episode Notes

We are smack dab in the middle of the Holiday Season and after a few rough years it seems as the Holidays are as back to normal as can be. But are we? Are our loved ones and friends?

In normal years the Holidays can range from amazing to dismal; from hard to almost impossible. Join Anthony as he welcomes Becky Dunkerson, Mark Richert and of course; YOU!!

We will explore emotions during the holidays, how we cope and share some of our Holiday Traditions. We will share resources for persons who may have a hard time during the season and we will open the conversation to you; what are the holidays like for you and what are some of the highlights or what you may struggle with.

Then sometime in our second hour Anthony will highlight the You Are Not Alone letter writing campaign inspired by the novel: Darling You Are Not Alone by JD Slajchert.

This campaign aims to put pen to paper and reach out to those in our lives who matter; to those who just may need to hear they are not alone. What a great message for the holidays.

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