Sunday Edition for November 20, 2022 – The Audio Description Gala

Episode Notes

Get to know the hosts and the team behind the scenes. 

This week is all about the Audio Description Gala. Kim and Carl return to Sunday Edition to spill a few secrets, walk us through the planning process and we will discuss the importance of advocacy and how the gala will bring even more visibility to Audio Description  Matt Ater Joins us with his take on the all important work of the ADP and the significance of the Gala.

President Dan Spoone will be joining us in the First hour as we celebrate the second annual Gala and look forward to the show, the fundraising and the world seeing and hearing just exactly why ACB is the Leading voice in Audio Description. 

In our second hour: Thomas Reid and Nefertiti Olivares Join us to talk about recording at 30 rock, hosting the Gala and they will fill us in on some of their other projects, and of course there will be time for Audience questions.