Sunday Edition for October 31, 2022 – Spooky Kooky Halloween!

Episode Notes

Anthony is taking a well deserved break this week and in his place we have Andrea DeKlotz and Byron Lee guest hosting Sunday Edition.

In the first hour we hear from Ardis Bazyn, president of Independent Visually Impaired Entrepreneurs (IVIE) about their Virtual Expo. We then discuss our favorite Halloween memories. We also get to hear a segment from a spooky story written by Eris Young who is a multi-genre writer known for their debut book They/Them/Their: A Guide to Nonbinary & Genderqueer Identities. Their books are available on BARD and Bookshare.

In the second hour, Rachel Schroeder joins us to discuss her her career as an assistive technology specialist and board member of ACB.

We also chat with Don Katz about being a blind potter. We discuss his transition into blindness and his process as an artist.

Thank you to Anthony Corona for allowing us to take over Sunday Edition. It was an experience we will not forget!