20220805 – VISAbilities – Special Affiliates Part 2. Alliance on Aging and Vision Loss, ACB Radio Amateurs, and Impaired Entrepreneurs.

ACB Affiliates are the real backbone of our organization. From our first state affiliates in 1961 to our newest special interest affiliate, ACB Next Generation, our members have seen a need; mastered necessary abilities; banded together; pushed many employment and advocacy envelopes; and celebrated our victories. Join Terry as she welcomes some of our special interest affiliates and learn how much these organizations are contributing to our work in many areas of our lives. This is a wonderful opportunity for many of our newer community participants to find ways they can help improve both their own lives and those around them. Alliance on Aging and Vision Loss; ACB Radio Amateurs; and Independent Visually Impaired Entrepreneurs are among the affiliates joining this time.

Find out more at https://acb-visabilities.pinecast.co

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