2022, Episode 4, Let’s Talk Low Vision – ACB 2022 Convention Overview

Show Notes, April 2022, ACB 2022 Convention Overview

Be among the first to find out what to expect at this year’s ACB’s 61st National Convention and CCLVI’s 44th Annual Conference. Janet Dickelman, ACB National Convention Coordinator joined us with lots of details about our first hybrid convention and all it has to offer. Terry Pacheco will also add some of the highlights we can look forward to in CCLVI. This episode offers excitement and information! So don’t miss a minute, as we have it all captured in the recording for you.

Resources for this Episode

Convention dates:
July 1, to July 8, 2022

Convention website:

July 1 with final tours on Friday July 8

Convention email list:
[email protected]

Guest contact information:
Janet Dickelman
[email protected]

Let’s Talk Low Vision

This podcast is a monthly series, recorded on Zoom and distributed in many formats. It is a vibrant discussion featuring various hostst. The shows include guest speakers, resources and special topics related to adjusting to low vision.

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