Sunday Edition for February 6, 2022 – BOP Updates and Nefertiti Matos Olivares

Episode Notes

This week Anthony and us all get to know Nefertiti. You may remember her memorable turn at the ADP Awards Gala or her work on Say His Name; Five Days for George Floyd. She has an accomplished career in helping our community gain the knowledge we need to live more independent lives and now as her career shifts into the world of Audio Description she will share with us her experiences and how to break into the business. 

Nefertiti Matos is a fervent advocate for accessible culture, tech, and transit. She currently works as the Partnership Development Coordinator for Dicapta, a provider of accessible media for people with sensory disabilities. Previously, Nefertiti worked as an Assistive Technology Educator for the New York Public Library, where she offered individual coaching, and created and facilitated group workshops on a range of tech topics for the blind and low vision community in both English and Spanish. Nefertiti strongly believes in doing her part to bring about a world in which universal access is the norm, not the exception.

Then in the second hour Anthony catches up with Zelda and her Walk To Omaha. 

Penny, Zelda, Cheryl, Cachet and Katie will then walk us through BOP awards, the new Blog submission process and all BOP news. 

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