20211029 WCB Virtual Convention: Afternoon 2

  • Getting Fit and Staying Fit: It’s a Personal Choice
    Fitness journeys are individual and personal. In this session, we’ll learn how two people who are blind have embraced theirs, providing us all a little extra motivation to create our own.
    Facilitated by Cindy Hollis
    Panelists: Tim McCorcle, Seattle, WA
    Leslie Spoone, Orlando, FL
  • Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say
    “Ironically, one of the strongest vehicles of communication is not what you say, rather it’s how you say it.” Join this informative presentation to learn about Toastmasters through an online community for those who are blind and visually impaired.
    Facilitated by Cindy Hollis
    Presented by Ted Shelly, President, VIP Online Toastmasters
  • Featured Vendors
    Northwest Association for Blind Athletes
    A.T. Guys
    Northwest Access Fund

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