20211029 WCB Virtual Convention: Afternoon 1

  • Framing Advocacy for Accessible Prescription Labeling
    Ari Ne’eman, author of an essay recently published in The New York Times called “What if Disability Rights Were for Everyone?” presents.
  • Disaster Medicine Project
    Dr. Robert Mitchell, retired physician, will present Stop the Bleed, teaching ordinary people how to respond in an emergency situation.

Presiding Officer: Alco Canfield, WCB Secretary

  • Clubhouse: a Personal Adventure, an Organizational Asset
    This powerful new online tool is a melding of conferencing and social networking. How might your affiliate benefit from such a resource?
    Facilitated by Frank Cuta, Engineer, retired
    Panelists: Cindy Hollis, ACB Membership Services Coordinator
    Jeff Bishop, Program Manager, Microsoft

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