Sunday Edition for December 12, 2021 – Accessible Pharmacy; Holiday Announcements and My Break

Episode Notes

This week on ACB Media 1 at 1pm EDT or wherever you get your podcasts I will be speaking with Andy and Alex from Accessible Pharmacy Services for the Blind. They will walk us through the ease of this revolutionary service and answer all of your questions. The Accessible Pharmacy is a full concierge service with individual service reps and plans. It comes directly to your door in whatever formats work best for the individual consumer with little back and forth. I look forward to discussing their service model and answering all the questions from our members. 

I will also feature a few holiday announcements and a surprise or two. 

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Programming note:
Sunday Edition will be on repeat for Dec. 19 and January second. Our Christmas show will be a salute to the community with friend to the show Melissa Hudson hosting some of the members of our community team and the incredible work they all do for us. So please join Melissa the day after Christmas for this holiday surprise and I will see you all in the New Year with some great Sunday Editions. 

May everyone have a great Holiday Season and feel my virtual hugs. I want to thank all my loyal listeners for the great support and friendships. 

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