Sunday Edition for November 21, 2021 – ACB, Audio Description, National Parks and Museums and How We Elevate, Inspire and Get Up and Get Moving

Episode Notes

First, we will hear an exciting announcement from AIRA with Jeanine Stanley.

Then Anthony welcomes Jo Lynn Bailey-Page as co-host as Sunday Edition continues its conversations spotlighting Audio Description. With the excitement of the Inaugural Audio Description Gala still fresh and buzzing we take a deep dive into other forms, spaces, and places to discover more about this game changing service.

The America the Beautiful Access Pass is the perfect ticket to Get Up and Get Moving. We will bring all the information needed to obtain this free pass and experience some of the hard work the descriptathon folks have put in to make these national treasures accessible to us all.

Join Anthony and Jo Lynn as they welcome:
Michele Hartley
Brett Oppegaard
Holly Griesemer
Susan Glass
Dan Spoone
Pat Sheehan

These topics as well as what’s coming up and possible employment opportunities with the National Park Service are on the menu with your opportunity to ask your questions as dessert. So grab your favorite brunch beverage and follow the Join information below and “get up and moving” to Sunday Edition at 1:00 p.m. EDT on ACB Media 1 or wherever you get your podcasts.

Questions and comments for the show can be sent to:
[email protected]

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