Sunday Edition for November 14, 2021 – Audio Description Awards Gala 2021

Episode Notes

This Sunday at 1 PM Eastern on ACB Media 1 and just before the Gala on November 18th on ACB Media 6 Anthony is joined by President Dan Spoone, Anthony Stevens, Kim Charleson, Jennifer Flat, Carl Richardson With Special Guest Roy Samuelson and a few surprises as we:

Formally Announce the categories and presenters

Share the excitement of this Bold new adventure of the Audio Description Project

Ruminate on the importance of Quality Audio Description

And celebrate the First Annual Audio Description Gala and all the achievement of ADP, ACB and our friends and champions in the business.

Here is a link and excerpt to my audio description story and info for the GALA

“Then, during a major moment in my blind journey, the cellblock door was blasted off”

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ACB’s 2021 Audio Description Awards Gala is a free & virtual event. It will be aired live at and on Peacock on Nov. 18th, 2021, starting at 7:30 p.m. ET
Visit to reserve your spot now to add the Gala to your calendar!

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