20210719 – An evening with ACB: Audio description and streaming services

~~An Evening with ACB:
Audio Description and Streaming Services:
This industry panel featured representatives from major streaming services to discuss their product’s, programming, services, and offerings.
Moderator: Carl Richardson, Co-Chair, ACB Audio Description Project, Brighton, MA
♣ Melanie Goodman, Lead Digital Supply Chain Specialist, HULU, Agoura Hills, CA
♣ Martha Heller, Vice President, Government Relations and Regulatory Counsel, Viacom CBS, Paramount+ Washington, DC
♣ Sarah Herrlinger, Director, Global Accessibility Policy & Initiatives, Apple, Cupertino, CA
♣ Daniel Kocmarek, Sr., Manager, Prime Video, Seattle, WA
♣ Mirka Pavlikova, Manager, Technical Production, Walt Disney Studios, Burbank, CA
♣ Allison Smith, Globalization Innovation Manager, Netflix, Los Gatos, CA
♣ Andy Larkin, Senior Manager, Accessibility, HBO Max, Chicago, IL
♣ Peacock with Thomas Wlodkowski, Vice President, Accessibility, Comcast, Philadelphia, PA

  • Recorded during the 2021 ACB National Convention on July 19 2021~~
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