2021 Ep 8 Let’s Talk Low Vision

Show Notes Episode 8, Resources for Low Vision

Join this exciting discussion of resources for individuals with visual impairment, including a California focus, and state resources. From outdoor recreation to k-12 education, higher education, and career training, Dr. Bill interviews two truly informative guests to reveal valuable insights. Joseph Burton of the Hearts for Sight Foundation and Moses of California’s Department of Rehabilitation introduce resources and answer questions spanning IEP’s, IPE’s, hiking, cycling, yoga, employment training, college accessibility support, and much more.

Resources for this Episode

Let’s Talk Low Vision

This podcast is a monthly series, recorded on Zoom and distributed in many formats. It is a vibrant discussion featuring Dr. Bill Takeshita as the host and Jessie Wolinsky as co-host. The shows include guest speakers, resources and special topics related to adjusting to low vision.

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