20210716 – Barking up the Aisle

GDB alumni and anyone was interested in Guide Dogs for the Blind and guide-dog access:
Attendees joined GDB for an update on the DOT Air Carriers Access Act Service, animal Ruling with national experts. including:
◘ Mr. Ray Prentice (Alaska Airline Accessibility Director)
◘ Mr. Eric Lipp (CEO of Opendoors Organization)
 What is the ‘Ruling’ in brief? How is the implementation going? Who can you give feedback to and how? Plus creative efforts to make the process more usable. This concern has weighed on many Guide Dog handlers. Attendees joined GDB to shape the future of air travel for guide-dog teams. Questions were sent to Rabih Dow, GDB Director of Outreach and Advocacy in advance at: [email protected]. –

  • Recorded during the 2021 ACB National Convention on July 16
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