2021 Ep 7 Let’s Talk Low Vision

Show Notes Episode 7, Interview with AIRSLA’s Jessie Wolinsky

Topic: This episode introduces our listeners to the Audio Internet Recording Service Los Angeles – AIRSLA. learn about the many free resources available through this website and growing podcast series as Dr. Bill Takeshita interview the Vice President of AIRSLA, Jessie Wolinsky. A variety of questions and answers reveals more information about work being done across the country to read newspapers and magazines for the visually impaired and distribute the recordings via radio, Internet and podcasts.

Resources for this Episode
AIRSLA Website http://airsla.org
AIRSLA Email [email protected]

Let’s Talk Low Vision

This podcast is a monthly series, recorded on Zoom and distributed in many formats. It is a vibrant discussion featuring Dr. Bill Takeshita as the host and Jessie Wolinsky as co-host. The shows include guest speakers, resources and special topics related to adjusting to low vision.

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