Pride Connection Presents: Wayne Pearcy

Episode Notes

Mr. Estes is one of BPI’s founding members and Pride Connection is thrilled to have him helming another musically themed show. Part 2 of this fascinating interview will air on Pride Connection after Convention.

Wayne has also given us some recordings of his talented playing that you will hear during this and the second half of the interview.
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A message from Dwayne Estes

This weeks Pride Connection is special for me. I get the opportunity to chat with Wayne Pearcy. Wayne is a new member of BPI, my friend and colleague, and trumpeter extraordinaire. He also is a composer, arranger, and has a passion for the natural trumpet. He is all about music played on period correct instruments.

Hear how Wayne participated in the marching band while in high school and found his way to the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Completing his studies was by no means an easy feat but, his obstacles carved a path for other blind musicians.

Wayne’s parents were blind. It was their encouragement and their total belief in his talent that propels him forward as a professional musician. He survived NFB and found BPI. I met Wayne through Friends in Art.

BPI welcomes Wayne with all his skills and enthusiasm. This guy is the real deal, has lots going on, and is even willing to play music with me.

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