Sunday Edition for May 23, 2021 – Mental Health Awareness

Episode Notes

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and Sunday Edition is bringing together a panel of ACB folks who have something to say about the stigmas attached to Mental Health.

If one is slicing veggies and cuts into a finger or two one will head out to the ER or a urgent care. They may need stiches, wrapping and may even go home with a prescription or two. If one is diagnosed with a disease or condition one will be given options of treatment and areas of support. These medical situations will evoke support from friends and loved ones as they should. I am not naive enough to think everyone with medical issues get the support they need or deserve and there are varying degrees of what society seems to feel support is deserved. Take obesity for example, there is far less support or understanding than cancer or diabetes. Pulmonary issues are often scoffed as smokers punishment even if a person has never once lit a “Cancer Stick.”, while accurate its a moniker offering comfort right?

Break an arm get a cast and a bunch of autographs, but I could go on and on. Mental Health issues don’t often seem to fall into the support category. There are deep divides between Medical and Mental afflictions. And don’t get me started on Substance Abuse.

So I put an open call out to friends of Sunday Edition to tackle these stigmas and so much more.

Jeff Thom, Mark Richert, Jessi Rayl, Margie Donovan, Caitlin Hernandez and Lynn Coats join me for a honest, raw and deep conversation about our journeys through Mental Health issues and the ways we can and should be supporting each other. A few other Sunday Edition listeners will be calling in to offer up their own personal testimonials. There will be time in our second hour for listeners to comment and/or offer their stories.

This topic is close to my heart and I rally the call for all ACB Members and all citizens beyond our organization to pledge to offer more compassion, support and humanity to our brothers and sisters who are suffering.

Sunday Edition wants you to know you are not alone!!

Sunday Edition and by proxy ACB cares!! If only two offer shoulders, ears or even just silent hugs or handshakes Sunday Edition wants to inspire the shift from hiding Mental Health issues in a dark corner of our hearts and souls. Inspire compassion rather than scorn or even worse indifference.

Please join us this Sunday for what I think may be the most important conversation Sunday Edition has ever had!!

Sunday edition welcomes your comments, suggestions and of course if you have a question and can’t join us live please email me at:
[email protected]

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