Pride Connection Presents: Celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Episode Notes

Pride Connection presents a celebratory discussion about Asian American/Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month

Content warning: gun violence, hate crimes/violence against AAPI, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, ableism, other topics that may be sensitive to some listeners  

May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage month! This week on Pride Connection, please join Sarah Chung (moderator,) Minh Ha, Miso Kwak, Tyanne Wilmath, and Anthony Corona for a conversation exploring AAPI history, personal stories of the intersectionality of identifying as AAPI and having a disability, mental health, sexualization and fetishization of AAPI women, defining heritage, and how the pandemic has shaped their lives and the greater AAPI community at large today. Additionally, the roundtable discussion also examined the Covid 19 Hate Crimes Act (H.R. 1843) and thoughts on how this legislation will affect the AAPI community. The hour-long segment concludes with our guests answering how they will celebrate AAPI heritage month. 

Resources are listed below. 


Stop AAPI Hate:

National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association:

Asian Americans (on PBS): Asian Americans

Minor Feelings by Cathy Park Hong
(Available on Bookshare and BARD)

Pachinko by Minjin Lee 
(Available on Bookshare and BARD)

H.R. 1843: Covid 19 Hate Crimes Act: 

Try Guys Anti-Asian Hate documentary:

Misogyny Against Asian Women – The TryPod Ep. 102: